Ota-Tuote Oy has provided electric power tools and grinding machines as well as precision tools of high quality mostly for the needs of metal industry and renovators already since 1979.

The business idea of Ota-Tuote Oy is to offer products of best quality for it’s customers in order to increase their performance and to solve their eventual problems in production.

Our main trade marks are Fein electric power tools, Grit belt grinders for metal industry and Projahn rotary hammer drill bits for metal and stone. By buying the business of company Oy Avans Ab in June 2006 we widened our product range towards cutting tools and completed it by high-quality products of Sumitomo Electric Hartmetall GmbH.

Our prodcuts are sold mainly by professional dealers. We have both dealers who are focusing on metal industry and dealers selling directly to renovation companies. We visit end users together with our dealers. Cutting tools are provided to the end users directly as well. It is very important to have a close relationship to the end users in order to learn about their methods and developement.

Ota-Tuote/Avans Oy has 12 employees who are ready to serve their customers with enthusiasm and flexibility. Our storage is located in Helsinki at the same adress with the bureau which enables quick deliveries. Ability for quick deliveries is one of the most important means of competition for a small specified company like ours.